Darkroom Photography

This experimental project was done by scanning/digitizing 35mm film portraits and reworking them with 3d chrome shapes. This project combines both darkroom film photography and digital media to create an overwhelming and suffocating theme to both images. The film photography images were captured and chemically printed on photographic light sensitive paper in 2020. The images were later reworked in 2021 in a digital media setting, using photoshop.

Northern Care

Northern Care was a self-care kit which was completed as a class project in 2021 as a part of a collective class project to collect money for homeless shelters around the city of Montreal, with an emphasis on sustainability and reusability. My contribution to this product was primarily the design, fabrication, dying and production of 12 bags for the self-care kits, each of which included a handmade bar of soap, solid lotion and tin of lip balm. All of these products are contained in a travel sized pouch containing pockets for each item. The concept and aim behind this product was to approach (physical) self-care in a way that is directly linked to the cold and northern weather. Each of bag is made out of 100% unbleached cotton and eco-dyed with the use of sweet gale buds. Each bag was later block printed with the Northern Care logo on its front.

Team members: Arthur Brousseau-Regaudie, Elmira Ayatizadeh



This is a series of three collagraph prints, which was created by using black ink spread over a plastic plate. The purpose of this project was to explore different textures and fabrics and how they appeared printed and pressed as a print. Through experimentation and layering, this series became a work portraying movement and three-dimensional textiles, on two dimensional sheets of cardstock paper. Project completion: 2018.


Art Volt is a platform that works through Concordia which creates opportunities and supports newly graduated Concordia students after their studies. For this group project, completed in 2021, my teammates and I came up with an updated brand identity for Art Volt, providing various templates for their social media platforms, including: Facebook, Instagram, LinkdIn, as well as their website. By using the four pre-approved colors and working with sophistication and playfulness in mind, we collectively created an updated brand identity. Besides this, my specific contribution was working on Instagram post templates, the Art Volt website theme layout, and creating a functioning letterhead template for each color and department of Art Volt.

Team members: Kelly Patilla, Amanda Samios-Walkinshaw, Erika Spinosa

Folding Knife

This knife design was part of an object design project intended on exploring the relationship between metal and wood as building materials as well as the creation of a mechanical element, built completely by hand. The mechanism accomplished in this project was a folding knife that locks into place once it has been opened and must be release in order to close it. The use of spring steel allows for the blade to rotate and lock in place as the spring steel releases. This object design project was completed in 2020 and uses both mahogany wood and steel as it’s main components.

Out of Body

This photography project was completed in the fall of 2018 as a final graduating project, and is a series of printed digital images explores the fears and emotions that can be felt and outwardly projected by individuals experiencing anxiety. Each image portrays this theme in a different manner, just as each individual may have different experiences with this feeling. The images are cut up and collaged in order to demonstrate the “out of body” experience that the feeling of anxiety generates. Furthermore, the cut-up images create chaos in each of the photos, expanding on the idea of dissociation and disengagement of one’s surroundings.